About Us

We love funding projects that make Sydney more awesome.

The Awesome Foundation is a global network of micro-giving chapters that give $1000 of their own money every month to awesome projects. We're the Sydney chapter! We fund out-there ideas that make Sydney more awesome. The ideas sometimes aren't so absurd: they can be super sensible, too. The catch? There isn’t one: there are no strings attached. Since our foundation in 2011, the Sydney chapter has received more than 800 micro-grant applications and given away nearly $80,000. That's a whole lot of awesome.


Tips for your application

There aren’t any rules, but we do prefer to fund ideas that:

  • Make us say ‘that’s awesome!’
  • Have a clear, itemised budget
  • Have a ‘tipping point’ of $1000 and our grant is what’s needed to make it happen
  • Make Sydney more awesome

Generally, we avoid funding advertising and marketing, salaries, websites, travel, and applications where the budget doesn’t clearly explain what the money will be spent on. Here's an example of a recent top-quality application. If yours is as awesome as it is, with a clear plan and budget, then you'll be in with a much better chance.


Application deadline

Apps close at 6.30pm on the third Monday of every month.


How to join Awesome Foundation Sydney

We’d love to hear from you. Express interest in joining as a Trustee and we’ll be in touch when a spot opens.


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