Refugee Driving program

Like all of us would, when refugees and asylum seekers arrive in Australia, they simply want to stop running, to support their families and contribute to their community. Here at Upskill Driving School, we recognise that many newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers face multiple barriers as they seek to settle here in Australia, including reliable transport. Not being able to drive adds to the challenge of finding employment, and unlike most Australians, they lack the contacts who are fully licensed or have access to a vehicle and who could help them learn or practise.

Our mission is to provide affordable, professional driving lessons for refugees and asylum seekers. We also have driving instructors who are culturally sensitive, and offer lessons in community languages or with volunteer interpreters.

Upskill Driving School is a social enterprise business of a broader community called SUMMIT - Serving, Understanding, Mentoring Migrants In Transition. SUMMIT also offers free English classes, trauma healing therapy programs and youth programs. Driving students can also hear about and access these services through the Driving School.

Funded by Sydney (November 2019)