About Us

We're the Glasgow Chapter of the Awesome Foundation. A fun way of giving £500, no-strings-attached mini-grants to cool projects that will make the world - and Glasgow - more Awesome!

Remember: Awesome Glasgow gives just one £500 grant away every two months so you can apply any time. Finalists are invited to a gift night which you need to be able to attend.

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 our pitch nights for at least the rest of 2020 will take place on Zoom. Instead of a live pitch, shortlisted applicants will be asked to make a 5 minute video (this can just be done on a phone) and they will also need to attend the Zoom pitch night for Q&A.

There is only four criteria:

  1. The project must be based locally (Glasgow - with a G postcode).
  2. You need to have a budget - prove you have a plan for how additional funds will be raised.
  3. It has to benefit the local community.
  4. Most of all, it has to be Awesome

Good Luck!


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