Pollokshaws mini murals

My awesome project is simply to extend my previous murals within Pollokshaws area.
My work at the Shawbridge arcade is now set to be demolished for mid level housing and the local community have expressed loudly that they want art to remain in the immediate area. The project would be to approach businesses with an offer to create murals on their shutters/walls free of charge to keep the area vibrant and inviting to all. Previous conversations with business owners and locals in the area have produced a sentiment of wanting the artwork but being unable to find a budget for such artwork given the hardships of the last few years for small business owners. With the cost being covered by the grant, the community would no longer have any hesitations and several businesses and locals would now have access to an alternative space to house the artwork that they have come to love within their community.

Funded by Glasgow (November 2022)