MYST Madi Gras parade screening party

MYST Katoomba brings Sydney city to the Blue Mountains for one night to entertain and celebrate Mardi Gras for the local youth.

The Mountains Youth Service Team (MYST) is hosting a live stream of the 2024 Gay & Lesbian Sydney Mardi Gras on a big outdoor screen. The event is specifically for LGBTQAI+ individuals and supporters aged between 12 to 17 years living in the Blue Mountains area. It is designed to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Another community service from the region will support the event by providing activities and prizes. These activities include a fashion parade, a Bop it Passes competition, a glitter stand for making pronoun badges, a sexual health wheel, felting and decorating pot plants, planting flower seeds, a pool table, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Funded by Sydney (February 2024)