Hinchinbrook Hornets Open Women Team

I write on behalf of my team. My name is Jax and I'm the co-captain for the Hinchinbrook Hornets Junior Rugby League Football Club Open Women's Team (What a mouthful!). Our team are based in Green Valley, in the Liverpool area of South West Sydney. Our project is to fund our teams needs for new tracksuit tops/hoodies for the current 2019 season. Our team is made up of passionate women who love to play football. Unfortunately many members of our team come from rough homes where paying for boots, gear and even registration to play the game, is impossible. 50% of our team are Aboriginal, many of our ladies are mums and we all love to play footy and inspire the next generation of young women to rise up and play footy. Rugby League is no longer a sport for men, it's a sport that connects people, and provides a family to those who need it. Our Open Women's Team of 22 players really need new tracksuit tops/hoodies to train in as our season is played throughout the whole of winter. We train late on Monday and Wednesday nights, and play on Sundays. We feel like we are close, family orientated team and we just want to look the part (and also not freeze!).

Funded by Sydney (May 2019)