The Monstrosities

WHAT IS IT? The Monstrosities is a roaming performance created for Art Month, intended to liven up underappreciated, urban spaces in Sydney. Matriark Theatre will design and build a group of giant, colourful, roaming monstrous creatures to hang out in parks, basketball courts, skate-parks and bus stops around the city. Theses monsters are neon-coloured and shaggy. Think of them like a colourful, tripped out manifestation of Where the Wild Things Are and are inspired by prominent graffiti murals from around the South Sydney area.

WHY? Waterloo and Green Square are areas with a deep history and a well-established community. They are also areas that have recently seen ginormous, tower blocks built to accommodate a growing population. With many new residents moving in, a clash of old and new is currently taking place. The old community looks at the new tower blocks as monstrosities and the new community regards the old buildings and community spaces with a similar attitude. The Monstrosities are a bridge between the old and the new. An expression of, and a thank you to the vibrant and quirky past of South Sydney, while also welcoming in a new South Sydney which will pioneer its own positive future.

HOW WILL AUDIENCES FIND THEM? The first season of The Monstrosities will be promoted by the City of Sydney and Sydney Art Month. Art Month hosts walking tours of art projects in Sydney throughout the month of March. Our audiences will encounter these monsters as they walk around the city. Of course, Monstrosities is a public event, so even those not involved in an Art Month walking tour will encounter these monsters!

FUTURE: The Monstrosities will officially be a part of Sydney Art Month and operate initially in the Green Square/Waterloo area, but we hope to bring them to life in other urban centres around Sydney at other times of the year. There will be five monstrosities initially, though we would love to expand the group for future iterations of the project.

Funded by Sydney (February 2018)