‘FLEX’ is a group exhibition which will be presented at AirSpace Projects, Marrickville in January 2018. With new work by emerging artists Belle Blau, Paula McCambridge and Cameron Stead, and with curatorial assistance contributed by Upasana Papadopoulos (M. Curating, USyd), FLEX aims to explore, challenge and disrupt the underlying power structures of our personal, professional and political lives, through use of various mediums, including painting, installation and digital media.

‘FLEX’ was devised as the result of a number of round table discussions between the artists and curator, to produce a cohesive exhibition with a mutually agreed upon direction and areas of focus. As recent graduates of The National Art School in Darlinghurst, the artists of ‘FLEX’ examine and respond to the conventions of their institutional training – their work both acknowledges tradition and steps outside set parameters to investigate new modes of thinking, seeing and doing. Blau’s body of work, which includes painting, drawing, writing and music, approaches the traditionally male-dominated genres of abstraction and reductionism from a female perspective, while McCambridge and Stead make installations and artworks from unconventional materials such as underfelt, latex and found plastics to encourage new perspectives of self-representation, objects we encounter and places we inhabit. FLEX therefore aims to create a platform for conversations and questions about learned behaviour and ways of thinking about the self and others.

AirSpace Projects are opening their gallery doors to a summer audience to present four concurrent exhibitions from 17th to 27th January. Utilising AirSpace’s formidable social media networks, as well as those of the artists, it is anticipated that the gallery will attract more than 500 visitors on opening, with numbers growing throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Funded by Sydney (January 2018)