As our global community continues its battle with COVID-19, its unprecedented proliferation gives rise to an urgent need for personal protective equipment and sanitary materials for both our frontline medical staff and our broader community. In Australia, hospitals and public services have struggled to meet the sudden surge in demand, requiring additional supplies and lack efficient restocking and storage systems. This is evidently a pressing issue as WHO projects that there will be further demand for 2.9 million litres of hand sanitiser in the next month. Critically, hygiene practices must be maintained beyond the pandemic, which Quicksan advances with an innovative line of hand sanitiser dispensers, delivering efficient hygiene to medical and public spaces.

Current dispensers lack the intuitiveness to cope with COVID-19 as they are unable to efficiently gauge and track hand sanitiser volume, creating a significant time lag between depletion and refill. These dispensers are also insufficiently sized at 500mL and require non-replaceable plastic cartridges, which have no means of being easily repaired or recycled, thus exacerbating long-term plastic waste pollution.

QuickSan therefore aims to create a next-generation hand sanitiser solution. Quicksan’s key differentiator is that each unit is part of a greater network that provides the service provider with constant status checks on the conditions of the dispensers and their sanitiser reserves. This continuous monitoring allows for better situational awareness of the network’s supply and demand and helps to streamline the logistical preparations needed to maintain a proper supply channel. An embedded LED light also acts as a visual indicator for battery life. Furthermore, the dispenser uses a lockable lid that allows direct refills, thus eliminating reliance on disposable plastics whilst maintaining hygiene standards. Expanding upon the market-standard 500mL, we offer 1L, 2L & 5L sized designs. HOW AWESOME!

Funded by Sydney (June 2020)