Craft Bike

Craft Bike is a new concept I have developed and is the product of combining my two great loves - craft and cycling. It is the ultimate creative workshop on wheels! Here's how it works: clients can book me and my little pink bike for their special event and I'll come rolling up with everything they could ever need to get their craft on, all stored on and taught from the colourful box on the back of my bike. I have hosted two craft workshops so far, one for the bicycle street fair during Sydney Rides Festival last month, and the other at Object Gallery for their Make. Play. Workshops this month.

Clients can choose from a "menu" of craft projects, or we can work together to customise one for their event. All the projects are created with a sustainable vision in mind - that is - I try to source all my materials from op shops, second hand stores etc, or they are made from eco-friendly products. It is important to me that the projects have a lifespan outside of the Craft Bike workshop and are not going to be a waste of materials or tossed into a handbag somewhere and forgotten. My first workshop challenged people to make hand-sewn decorative rosettes with practical reflector strips for bike handlebars and helmets. My second workshop focussed on making macrame plant hangers from recycled twine, that could then be used for decoration or given as gifts this festive season.

I am passionate about fostering a strong local creative community. Teaching workshops and skill-sharing is my way of contributing to that community. With Craft Bike I am aiming to connect with museums, educational institutions, local markets, Council initiatives, community festivals, and art galleries. It is my hope that through my workshops I can help people to engage in educational activities that will spark their creativity and help to grow our already amazing creative community. While doing so they'll also be supporting local cycling initiatives and having heaps of fun too!!!

Funded by Sydney (January 2013)