Sydney Small Bar Documentary

Three friends and I want to make a documentary on Sydney's small bar scene. People often talk about their favourite bars and cocktails, but it's time to bring the conversation to a broader level.

We want to explore the history behind these bars, what the owners' inspiration was and ask people about what they love about their favourite venues and we want to document the whole thing with fresh film techniques. For example, we might write our group's logo on a dudes chest and film it as the opening credits. We might search a place on Foursquare explore, film this and then on the spot visit the bar and document the whole process of asking the staff/people at the bar for an interview.

We mentioned the idea to one of the small bar business development managers at City of Sydney and he thinks the idea is a great one. We also tried contacting Vice magazine to get involved but they turned down the idea because it was too similar to some other film projects they are doing...TheyProbablyJustStoleOurIdea..cough

Funded by Sydney (November 2012)