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We love funding projects that make Sydney more awesome.

The Awesome Foundation is a global network of micro-giving chapters that give $1,000 of their own money every month to awesome projects. We're the Sydney chapter!
We fund out-there ideas that make Sydney more awesome. The ideas sometimes aren't so absurd: they can be super sensible, too. The catch? There isn’t one: there are no strings attached.
Since our foundation in 2011, the Sydney chapter has received more than 1,600 micro-grant applications and given away over $100,000. We also helped put on the first-ever Australian Awesome Summit. That's a whole lot of awesome.


7 Things Trustees Think Make an Awesome Grant App

  1. Events and projects that are inclusive, and go the extra mile to include underrepresented people in our community.
  2. Projects that otherwise may not be funded. We like to know we're making an impact.
  3. Projects that would otherwise attract funding from traditional philanthropy, or already partially funded by large grants makers are less likely to be funded by AF.
  4. Applications with a nice neat budget. It helps us to understand just how impactful this funding really is.
  5. Projects that activate public spaces, illuminate local talent, and tell untold stories, or reveal hidden potential.
  6. Applications for projects that are sustainable or can be repeated for success are always welcome. For example, buying sports equipment that will be used season after season.
  7. Projects that are likely to live on long after our grant are always a favourite - will your impact be felt for time to come? Please tell us about that.


Read our Applicant Guide for more tips on creating an awesome application.


Application deadline

Applications close at 6.30pm on the first Wednesday of every month (but do check our Facebook in case we move the deadline a day or two).


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We’d love to hear from you. Express interest in joining as a Trustee and we’ll be in touch when a spot opens.


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