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The Chicago chapter has been funding awesomeness in the Windy City since the summer of 2011. We've funded everything from little free libraries and puppet shows to electron microscopes and a temporary mini golf course on Milwaukee Avenue. The Chicago trustees generally meet on the third Tuesday of every month to review proposals.

Ready to get started? Fill out our short application: http://www.awesomefoundation.org/en/submissions/new?chapter=chicago

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Join us! If the projects funded by our chapter sound Awesome, and you’d like to play a direct role in deciding what gets funded next, become a trustee! If you know a trustee, reach out and ask to come to a meeting, we’ll be happy to have you. If you don’t know a trustee, find us on facebook (@chicagoawesome) or twitter (@chicagoawesome) or instagram (@awesome.chicago) and we’ll introduce ourselves, and then you will know one! Then we’ll be happy for you to come check a meeting out. Or, fill out this form, and we'll try to get back to you shortly.

The Awesome Foundation Organization is pretty simple. The board is comprised of 10 plus Trustees who promise to fulfill three duties:

Contribution: Commit $100 per month in the interest of Awesome for at least 6 months. This contribution goes towards the $1,000 award we grant each month.
Participation: Play an active role in accepting and reviewing applications, and in deciding with the other trustees by consensus who will receive the grant.
New Projects: With no specific leadership roles, every trustee is a leader in their own right. We like trustees to come up with new project ideas for the chapter to do, and help organize the group into getting it done
Trustees serve until they resign. If you're interested in joining us as a trustee, we invite you to complete our rolling application.

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