EveryMom Chicago Newborn Kits

EveryMom Chicago is a small, local nonprofit that provides essential newborn, postpartum, and nursing supplies to mothers in underserved communities. These kits are beautifully packaged, contain the basics of what every mom needs to bring baby home, and include a resource guide to connect moms with other free resources in the community to help them on their journey. EveryMom Chicago is grounded in a belief that every mom deserves to feel prepared, supported, and celebrated.

Kits are distributed via local nonprofits and hospitals and reach a wide population from victims of domestic abuse to refugees. Our focus is primarily on the south and west sides of the city. Currently we partner with Family Rescue, A House in Austin, HelloBaby, the NICU at Comer Hospital, Trinity Hospital, Christ Medical Center, Refugee One, and Paving the Way Project, amongst others.

EveryMom started off in a very grass roots way, and has primarily functioned based on the generosity of other parents in the community. We're now beginning to apply for grants and look for partners to help further sustain the work and spread more love to Chicago's mommas!

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (August 2021)