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Awesome Newcastle provides $1,000 grants every month to help community projects in Newcastle, Australia.

We’re for can-do people with ideas and determination. We believe awesome ideas can make a big impact. We’re here to further the impact with a monthly bag of cash, no strings attached.

We’re not a charity. We’re a foundation created to advance community projects and help the artists, creators, ideas people and leaders of Newcastle. Grants are provided with no obligation; all we hope is to hear about the impact of grants we award. The ten board members of Awesome Newcastle provide the grant money from their own pockets.

Awesome Newcastle is a chapter of The Awesome Foundation. The Awesome Foundation was created in 2009 and has provided over $6m in grants. It was founded by MIT and Harvard students frustrated with the bureaucracy of traditional funding.

Applications open now. Click 'Apply for a Grant'.

Want to join our board? We have at least one guest board member each month. Apply here http://awesomenewcastle.org/wanted/

The funny hat and 'Dean' title is used by the Awesome Foundation globally to indicate the main contact person in the group.

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