Lawn Liaison

Lawn Liaison is a social event business working towards making it easier for adults to connect and make friends.
I noticed that there aren't a lot of adult environments that are great for creating friendships. If you think about going to a club or bar to meet people, you think about drinking and sexual tension. There are also a lot of online interactions with apps and social media that never eventuate to meeting in real life, this can feel isolating. As a child there are lots of environments that foster a face to face playful environment to make friends. As an extravert I am happy to put myself in a not so comfortable situation (go somewhere alone) to potentially meeting people. But I know most people are not like that. So I did some research and decided to create Lawn Liaison (literally have people liaising on the lawn).
The idea is that I would provide an activity that is an icebreaker and something people have to communicate with each other while playing. I decided to start with Lawn bowls. You can come alone and be put into a team or come with friends to make up a team.
The events are enticing because I have a DJ playing music, there are signature cocktails, and prizes to be won.
The age demographic is targeted at 25-35 year olds, but I get an array of ages come along and everyone has good fun!
I aim to run the events monthly. The events I have run so far have been successful in the sense of people making friends they have met up with another time. But they are yet to gain enough traction to be financially successful. And still I persist!
Over this Winter, I am working behind the scenes to add a social tennis event to the Spring calendar.

The events are also great for the local bowls club. There are a few clubs in Newcastle that have a monopoly on trendy events and other clubs are trying hard to bring in that clientele. By partnering with local clubs and venues I am also bringing business to them.

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