From A Distance Sessions

From A Distance Sessions is a free community broadcasting centre setup by Joshua Barnett and Allon Silove. We rose to the occasion in order to save live performance and to help the music industry through the Covid crisis.

FAD sessions wants to live stream a fill 5 hour festival for some of Newy's best scene bands on the 28th of June. We have combined forces with support newy music, who have had amazing success with their Instagram live festival, And we intent to take the concept of a digital festival to the next level

As we are a volunteer based program we would need a lot of hands on deck in order to facilitate such a large project. 10 bands over 5 hours, we intend to take on the task that no loc organization this side of Sydney has been able to take on board. Not only will it help these bands reach their audience in their time of need but it will encourage the community to come together in order to help the music industry through this emergency. We are only one small peice to the larger puzzle however, every part helps

The bands will all get a copy of the footage so they can use that for their own promotions and future endeavors

Грант предоставил Newcastle (August 2020)