The Music Box

The Music Box is a hand-crafted mobile music workshop and production studio. The Music Box will travel to different communities, schools, and organizations throughout Chicago, but mostly focused on areas of the city where there is less access to music education and arts activities. Participants will be invited to play, record, and arrange sounds, melodies, and rhythms - regardless of their skill or performance level - using the Music Box's hands-on equipment and instruments to amplify their innate gifts and creativity.

The Music Box will hold recording and amplification equipment, as well as various electronic and acoustic instruments, including many found or hand-made ones. The Music Box will also be equipped with a solar-powered generator and solar panels, to minimize environmental impact and increase mobility.

The purpose of the Music Box is to make art more accessible by making it mobile and bringing it to the places where alternative arts activities like the Music Box can have a huge impact. Additionally, by utilizing public community spaces and targeting areas of the city where there is little public investment, I hope the Music Box will also help cultivate safe public spaces for creativity. Lastly, in order to promote the value of inclusive music-making, I plan to release a music project comprised of recordings and arrangements generated by the Music Box's appearances.

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (December 2015)