Jumping Juniors Double Dutch

My name is Paulette Jones and I belong to a group call 40 + Double Dutch Group. We are a group of women over 40 that under the direction of Pamela Robinson wanted an exciting, affordable way to tone and burn calories while interacting with other women, reliving positive childhood memories and creating new ones!

Jump rope has been around forever and people of all ages are fascinated with it. However, there are no jump rope programs or individuals teaching the youth this wonderful sport; especially to high risk and/or improvised youth. This camp will service 20 children on the south side of Chicago, specifically in areas where discretionary income is nonexistent or next to it. When this type of income is nonexistent, so are extra curricular activities. This grant would allow 20 kids to attend this outdoor camp without imposing a financial contribution from their parent(s).

Jumping Juniors will leave this camp with increased communication skills, increased teamwork skills, new relationships developed, a sense of community all while learning a new sport and having fun.

Jumping Juniors will have plenty of fun during this six week camp. The sessions will be held outdoors on the playground of Euclid Park located at 9800 S. Parnell in Chicago. Jumping Juniors will meet for six consecutive sessions starting on Saturday, July 18th and ending on Saturday, August 22nd. On the last session, kids will be allowed to invite family and friends to show them their newly acquired/increased skill.

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (July 2020)