Garfield Park Positive Improvements

I would like to do murals for houses and local businesses for free in West Garfield Park. Would like to do murals about african history, heritage, and teach the community about how important, colorful, and intellegent it is to be proud to be black, as well as other educational and inspiring images of the world. Each mural would be dedicated to a positive image that people can relate to as well be curious about knowing more about. I think one of the main problem in the area is the fact that there is nothing inspiring about lifes future. There is depressiona and violence at each turn, and seeing positive images can change things for the better. Have talked to several business property owners about doing murals, and engaging artwork for the community, and what themes they would like to represent on the outside of their businesses. I would also follow up with community leaders and do a mural or two with kids from the neighborhood. The project would consist of 8 to 10 murals placed around the area.

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (January 2013)