AMFM Presents: Feast "A Festival in Three Courses"

We created a festival that creates a platform specifically for local musicians and artists to perform and share their work on a larger stage in the city they live, thrive and create in. We also center our festival on the West and Southside of Chicago to address issues of food equity and hunger in the city's food deserts. We utilize arts and culture to cultivate community and bring awareness to a large issue facing many people in this city. We give a new meaning to the saying "it takes a village." This is a diverse festival created by the people, for the people, where artists are hungry with passion, and “everybody eats,” and gets a shot at the stage, not just those who are bigger names, and no one leaves hungry.

In 2018, through a series of festival pop ups over the course of the summer, we held a food drive, a community potlucks, and our feast finale in parks across the city with amazing local talent and even a fashion show.

This year we hope to continue this mission seasonally to continue the conversation year round, because hunger is year round. Along with our summer festival Feast, we plan to host a Harvest, a dinner that highlights chefs and restaurants to raise funds for a partnering organization supporting food justice, and feed the less fortunate a fancy feast, and Seeds, a community day highlighting local community gardens, markets and organizations that people can get informed and fresh foods from.

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (May 2019)