Beach Party at the End of the World

The Walkabout ensemble along with 35 Chicago-based dancers and performers will create a flash-mob summer spectacle that will travel to eight Chicago beaches during the first two weekends of August, 2014. The 25 minute performance will materialize unexpectedly for beach-goers as the Walkabout performers create a instantaneous beach party. The spectacle will explore a world of Midsummer magic, the “Beach Party” film craze of the 1960’s, the transformative power of water, and the unbridled passion of young, epic love. Featuring new choreography, flash-mob antics, live music along with choral singing, acrobatics, and lyrical water staging, Beach Party at the End of the World will capture the surging power of youth and transformation on the very edge of Chicago's magical Lake Michigan.

In our June – July rehearsal process, our multi-disciplined ensemble will team up with Chicago-based artists to develop choreography, music, and a visual tale of star-crossed lovers. June will be spent engrossed in a few weeks of intensive research with the ensemble; experimenting with sound, light, costumes and props, and adapting our vocabulary of physical training to embrace our new sand and water-filled playing space. In July, we welcome our fellow artists and friends into the process to begin building the show. In August, we’ll arrive at eight of Chicago’s beaches at sunset and treat unsuspecting beach-goers to the fruits of our labor. A visual, aural, joy-issuing spectacle, it promises to be part Annette Funicello, part Beyonce, part 2012 USA Women’s Gymnastics Team, and ALL Chicago heart.

Грант предоставил Chicago, IL (July 2014)