As much as we can, our little STEAMpop team creates experiences for people who want to explore mathematics without the numbers. We love pushing the boundaries of STEM by embedding the Arts into all our interactive workshops. We’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to present two amazing experiences in Vivid Ideas Sydney, so we can share our newest STEAM explorations.

Our two crafty workshops will each attract around 80 people. LumiCrux and LumiMoves present bespoke experiences of hand-making combined with movement, dance, light, and learning. Mathematics is incorporated by constructing paper folded geometric luminescent forms, plus dancing based on mathematical functions and First Nations astronomy.

Everyone makes an awesome luminescent paper star before dancing, then entering the Vivid Sydney crowd, adding their own beautiful glowing forms to the illuminated Vivid culture precinct. It’s always awesome to contribute to Vivid Sydney. And it’s a lot of hard work.

We need to make sure we can resource the workshops properly by preparing our materials, choreographing and rehearsing the dances and making sure all the words we speak are respectful to the range of cultural knowledge contributors that will make the projects awesome.

The joy of making with mathematics is particularly awesome for girls, but our past experience promoting connections between maths, making, and interactive aesthetic experiences has been a delight for people of all ages.

This time, we want to record our unique events using videography and photography (so it’s a bit more awesome than using our phones). In that way, we can do three awesome things:
● Encourage a holistic understanding and appreciation of STEAM; that is, embedding the Arts in STEM.
● Inspire individuals, schools and organisations to create their own Vivid inspired events.
● Promote Sydney as a place of knowledge and culture connectedness, accessibility, creativity, experimentation, and joyful making experiences.

Грант предоставил Sydney (February 2020)