NICI Gadigal Skills for Success Program

The National Indigenous Culinary Institute provides developmental pathways for Indigenous people to gain employment in Australia’s restaurants to become qualified chefs as an apprentice.

We currently have a group of students finishing their development program and will begin their work placement Thursday 13th Oct. If successful in their work placement, they will be offered apprenticeships to start immediately.

Each of our students will then be provided with a set of chef knives and bag, along with additional uniform to be able to successfully work as an apprentice.

$1000 would go a long to provided these essential resources which our students are unable to purchase on their own. We make sure they have the correct footwear, top level industry knives and the required chef whites and chef pants as required by their restaurants.

Our students will go on to work in restaurants such as Bentley, Rockpool, Margaret, Catalina with world renowned chefs like Neil Perry, Matt Moran, Luke Mangan and many more.

The NICI continues to mentor and support our students for their entire apprenticeship, where they graduate our program and continue into our Alumni Program.

Грант предоставил Sydney (October 2022)