Collarenebri sporting Leadership Project

The Aim of this project is to provide the youth and community leaders (17 to 50 yrs old) of Collarenebri with a program that combines health, fitness, skill building and community development through positive leadership and mentoring.
We are currently endeavouring to enter the ‘Collarenebri Men’s Team’ in the 2018 NSW Indigenous Rugby League KO Carnival. This event attracts over 120 teams from across the state contesting in the U’15, U’17, Women and Men competitions. It is attended by more than 50,000 spectators and is televised, with much more coverage relayed back to urban, regional and isolated communities through newspapers and social media.
The hard work of our volunteers has led to on-field success. We have had several players selected to play for the County Rugby League Group and Representative teams.
In 2018 our team will have the luxury of 2 former NRL players joining our ranks. We are hoping that they will bring experience to our team and act as mentors for our younger players.
In addition to this, our playing squad and training staff will be involved in a variety of other activities including fitness, first aid, sport strapping (PE Teacher), healthy eating and living (Aboriginal Medical service), event management, administration, community development etc (Colly Gamilaraay), emotional well-being (Elders/Community Leaders). It is envisaged that through the knowledge and skills gained, the Youth and Men of Collarenebri will be fit,healthy and capable of organizing, managing and participating in future events.
There are however many expenses connected with participating in the Indigenous KO and we rely for funding solely on our own fundraising events and the support of the community. As Collarenebri is an isolated community, our funding opportunities are very limited.
The major expense for competing in the Annual KO Carnival is Uniforms, Team Entry Fee, Tournament Nomination Fee. We were hoping that this might be something you would consider helping with

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