Pocket Sized Precincts

Pocket-Sized Precincts is a free itty-bitty city art quest in Sydney. 2017 will be our second iteration and this year we want to grow to include other artists and new suburbs!

Here is a little snapshot of our project:
Explore amazing parks, uncover local businesses and tap into your own imagination. Hidden within five City of Sydney parks are pocket-sized artworks. To find the secret locations of the parks visit the businesses on the quest map and collect the clues. Once you or a member of your team have visited all the locations on the map, it’s time to put your own creative skills into action to enter the competition. There’s no limit when it comes to your own artwork, so whether it’s a sketch, a photo, a poem, a song, you - inspired by your city - can decide!

Winners will have their artworks displayed in the front window of 107 Projects - a gallery in Redfern - and can also choose one of the artworks from the quest.

Грант предоставил Sydney (March 2017)