Physique Aerobics

Inspired by Jamie Lee Curtis’s immaculate display in 1985’s aerobics flick ‘Perfect’, Physique intends to capture what they knew back then – mirrors, sweat & spandex accompanied by an appropriately cheesy soundtrack.

There will be awards for the best dressed, hot pink workout mats and tasty low-carb drinks to cool off afterwards.

If you’re not too embarrassed at the idea of getting physical, then the organisers welcome you to sign up. It’s open to anyone,

“but particularly those who like to let loose on the weekend and are keen to get active early in the week, are aware that summer is right round the corner but are turned off or daunted by gyms & zumba. The classes will be cheeky but make you sweat. No-one gets shoved out the door at the end of the class, you actually stick around & have a chat & a laugh.”

Грант предоставил Sydney (September 2011)