OpenLingo is an awesome project that aims to create Global Good through the creation of an opensource mobile application and cloud platform to ensure the protect and maintenance of endangered languages globally.

OpenLingo is being built as an opensource platform that uses crowdcoding to create the platform and will also provide for crowdsourcing of languages.

To date a lot of systems have been built globally but these projects have all worked in individually in silos. What we aim to do through OpenLingo is create a platform that delivers a system that will ensure the protect of languages globally and the creation of a platform that provide a global space where this most important data is stored and protected, and accessible.

OpenLingo also aims to alleviate tech issues that groups may have with protecting their languages and allow them to concentrate the knowledge transfer of these languages. The most important part of protecting endangered languages.

We are currently underway with stage one of the project which is to engage socially with people across the globe in preparation for the release of OpenLingo on crowdfunding platform kickstarter.

Funded by Sydney (April 2014)