Furnish Our Therapy Space

Our small, grass roots, community controlled organisation exists to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the Mount Druitt area of Western Sydney. Since our humble beginnings in 2012 we now run five weekly programs, a host of much loved annual events, and offer a range of supports to individuals and families including advocacy, referrals, psychosocial supports, and assistance with navigating government agencies and services. We have recently been blessed with funding to employ a social worker so that we can add case management to our growing list of supports that we can provide the community.

There is only one problem - we have nowhere for her to sit! We have a demountable on our premises which has power and running water, but little to no furniture. This space has the potential to be a private, safe, and comforting space where our social worker can sit with clients and make them feel comfortable as they unpack their support needs. Seeking help of any kind is challenging enough, so having a relaxing and welcoming space to sit is integral to ensuring that community members with complex issues get the help they need.

We are looking to jazz this space up so that by the time our social worker comes on board, they will have a beautiful, safe, culturally appropriate space where they can work. We are going to need comfortable seating, soft lighting, a small fridge for refreshments - everything we need to make people feel at ease and support them to speak up and unpack their difficult experiences and past trauma. Every little bit helps when it comes to supporting people to process trauma, so while having nice smelling candles, and a good supply of tea and tissues on hand can sound trivial - we assure you it is absolutely integral to our practice. If people don't feel safe and supported in your space, they simply won't come to seek the help they need.

Funded by Sydney (April 2021)