Guerilla Lego project

We are Nick and Anna: quirky, creative and long time friends with a passion for awesome (awesome is a noun now).

We both work at a Medical Research Institute, but there is only so much advancing the cause of human health that one can do without a creative outlet.

So we want to start a guerrilla lego project, and we need the Awesome Foundation to help pull it off.

This project is inspired by guerilla knitting projects in sydney and guerilla lego projects around the world.

The Aim is to use lego to make the world a slightly more surreal, somewhat more hilarious, and certainly more awesome place.

To reach this goal we would build temporary lego works in the public space that are influenced by the environment. For example using lego to fill in gaps in walls, creating lego recreations or covers of objects, or building lego scenes inspired by our surroundings.

Some of these pieces would be left in place for the public to view and puzzle over, others may be taken down after photographing - the safety of the public of course will always be foremost in our minds.

We would also document our exploits with an online photo journal, which we would make available to the pubic and advertise through social media.

Funded by Sydney (November 2011)