About Us

Making our world more awesome $1,000 at a time.


Applications are open to all awesome projects in the greater Melbourne area. We are an active chapter which awards a $1,000 grant on the last Tuesday of each month (submissions close 12pm on the Sunday prior).

The Melbourne chapter consists of 10 board members who meet each month to review every submission. Each board member contributes $100 to the winner's grant. So why should ten strangers give you their money?

Please read the information below to give your application the best chance of success.

We love:

  • Exciting and kooky ideas.
  • Ideas that will be a catalyst to kick-start something bigger.
  • When you clearly explain where the money will be spent (Hint: "marketing" or "website" is not specific enough).
  • When your personal story pulls on our heart strings.
  • When you include the word "dinosaur" at the beginning of your application to show us you can follow instructions.
  • Brief pitches with a weblink and one really good photo.

We are not so keen on:

  • Paying for your operating or personal expenses.
  • Giving money to a project/organisation that pays better than we get paid.
  • Long pitches.

After you submit

  • Winners will be emailed within 3 business days of the last Tuesday of each month.
  • Outcomes will be published on our webpage and social media around the same time (follow us on social media and help us celebrate all the awesome ideas)
  • Money will only be transferred to Australian bank accounts. If you are from overseas, sorry, try your local Awesome Foundation.
  • You are welcome to resubmit an application for the same (or a different) project.

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