Anyone Can Start An Awesome Foundation Chapter

The Awesome Foundation isn't actually a foundation at all — it's a grassroots movement! Our global community is made up of amazing people who have made the decision to make their communities a bit more awesome. They organize to assemble, launch, and run their own chapters.

We're probably biased, but we think it's a lot of fun. Chapters have made amazing things happen all around the world, from building a giant hammock and assembling swings in public places, to helping dogs play poker and letting anyone be Indiana Jones for a day.

Sound awesome? Read on to learn how you can start your own chapter!

Two people from the Singapore Chapter pose in front of a banner reading "Awesome Wanted"
Three women from the Amsterdam chapter holding a sign reading "Ik Maak Leiden Awesomûrrr"
Trustees watching a presentation at the 2019 global summit with the words "Celebrating 10 Years" projected behind the speaker

Five Easy Steps

Getting a new Awesome Foundation chapter up and running is straightforward — we like keeping things simple.

  1. Check out existing chapters

    There are Awesome Foundation chapters all around the world so it's possible that there is already a chapter in your area. Check the "Chapters" menu above to see if there is one, and get in touch with them if you see one nearby.

  2. Download the Handbook

    To help you get started, we collected the wisdom we've gained from giving out thousands of grants since 2009 and put it in our New Chapter Handbook. Download it and give it a read to find out what it takes to start your own chapter. Do that now — we'll wait!

  3. Get in Touch

    So you've read the handbook and you're ready to get started. Great! Send an email to and tell us who you are and where you're starting your chapter. We'll connect you with the global Awesome Foundation community and will answer any questions you might have about getting your chapter up and running.

  4. Assemble your trustees

    Trustees are at the heart of each Awesome Foundation chapter. They chip in money each month (usually $100 or the local equivalent) and they decide the winner of each grant. It's your job to find these folks and bring them all together! Once you've assembled most of your team, let us know and we'll add you to our website so you can start accepting grant applications.

  5. Launch

    Congratulations! You are now part of the Awesome Foundation movement. Tell everyone about your new chapter and start funding the fantastic, wonderful, and (dare we say) awesome in your community.