'I AM' art exhibition

Hello! Thank you for this opportunity!

Last year Wombat organised an art Exhibition for Homelessness Week which was so successful that we would like to do the same again. The exhibition will be first week of August this year so requiring funding for July for the art therapy sessions (please read below).

Young people (artists) who are or have experienced homelessness will present art work during a week long art exhibition that they have created during 2 art therapy sessions. 100% of the sales will go directly to the artist.

This event is for Homelessness Week & it's to raise awareness & break down stereotypes that people have towards the word 'homeless'. We are providing a safe space for young people who have or are experiencing homelessness to share their story without shame or embarrassment attached to that experience. An artists who participated last year told us that she 'felt like a celebrity' and enjoyed watching people smile at her art.

Also on display will be some key statistics relating to homelessness in order to educate the community on the housing affordability crisis many people are facing today.

During this exhibition we aim to show that 'homelessness' is an experience & not who the person is. They are not simply 'homeless' they are experiencing homelessness but they are also people like you or I. Therefore 'I Am' is the theme for this year. 'I am Determined' or I am a Student' & I have experienced homelessness.

The art therapy sessions are a valuable tool for the young people to express who they are & acknowledge their experience in a safe & non judgmental environment with the added benefit of showing themselves (anonymously if preferred), to the world via their art. An experience they might otherwise never have the opportunity to take part in.

We do not have anything to show for this year yet (we need to do workshops first!). Go here for last years event:https://www.mojonews.com.au/page/creating-art-out-of-homelessness

Funded by Melbourne (July 2019)