The Ultimate Pop Up Junkyard Playground

The Ultimate Pop Up Junkyard Playground, which at times may have roving dinosaurs, is a large scale travelling public art project where the lead artists are young people aged 6-16.

Taking inspiration from the first Junkyard Playground built in Emdrup in 1943 we are working with young people to help them design and build their own world. Popping up first at Siteworks, Brunswick we will be hosting a 2 day Pop Up Junkyard Playground, which will bring community together from across Moreland and beyond.

Over 120 young people from suburbs including Brunswick, Glenroy and Coburg are coming together over the two days to work alongside our amazing team of artists, architects and adventure play workers. Our team will equip them with the tools required to design and build an amazing world.

Our next stop is the outer suburbs of Geelong and from there, well who knows where we will Pop Up, but we have a dream of touring regional Australia and beyond.

The project is designed to allow young people the opportunity to celebrate who they are and create their own world within that of the adult world whilst reigniting public space.

It encourages at risk play and adventure and allows for young people to share their creativity with a wider audience.

The Junkyard Playground Project has a focus on bringing young people from diverse backgrounds together including those from lower socio economic, aboriginal and asylum seeker, refugee backgrounds to allow for all voices to be heard and celebrated in a creative fun and inspiring way.

It is literally their project.

Funded by Melbourne (September 2016)