Sabbatical Gallery This is Not a Toy Store

A collaboration between artists and game developers, both senior and emerging, to create games, fantasy consoles and associated artwork, such as game box art and marketing posters.

A series of hybrid workshops and game jams will be held at Sabbatical Gallery in Richmond and online, with the final presentation of works at a week-long exhibition held during Games Week (30 September - 8 October, 2023) and located at the Dollhouse Gallery in Brunswick East, Victoria.

The exhibition will be in the guise of an imagined Games Shop from an alternate universe, giving a sense of false nostalgia to the audience.

An online version of the show with photogrammetry of the consoles, and creating a virtual space to play the games will be created to make the show accessible beyond the physical space of the show.

All these events will be free to attend and participate in and run by volunteers.

Funded by Melbourne (June 2023)