Beacon Project

We have partnered with a local psychiatric hospital to house women leaving the ward. We are calling the project The Beacon Project.

We have an old unrenovated rooming house that we were previously trying to sell. The building needs maintenance, which we are following up. But, we do not have the funds to zchuzz the rooms and shared areas with lamps, pictures, cushions, etc.

Women leaving psychiatric care with histories or risk of homelessness are prone to 'churning' between hospital stays and homelessness services. This churn is another trauma in their lives.

The eighteen women who will initially be offered this accommodation will have safe accommodation, clinical and social support, and a guarantee of alternative permanent accommodation when it becomes available.

We know that people with trauma histories and other vulnerabilities require safe, affordable accommodation to recover and move on from their difficulties. We hope that this unfunded project will make a life changing difference to this group of women.

Funded by Melbourne (December 2022)