Oakland, CA

About Us

We will not be funding any projects that entail public gathering during the COVID-19 crisis. We look forward to seeing your projects when our community is safer. Thank you for your patience

We are the Oakland Chapter,

We want to fund projects that bring about art, performance, social change and help shape a better Oakland community.

Before you apply, please review this winning proposal from Red Light Legal to help craft your application, you can view it here

Proposals MUST have a clearly-defined problem for the community or intended audience and outline how your project provides a solution. Defining the community or audience is should be a significant part of the discussion of your project, especially how many people you expect to serve.

We have a few guidelines we encourage you to review to help make your proposal a winner:

We only fund projects, ideas and events based in or supporting Oakland and the surrounding communities.

• Tell us what you plan to spend the money on, and how much those items or services will cost. In the form field titled 'How I will use the money', include a budget with your expenses listed out as individual line items. Do not upload an image of your budget, or your spreadsheet.

• We are more inclined to fund a proposal if the grant is a significant factor in the project becoming a reality.

• The grant is a significant part of the budget as opposed to a small contribution to a large scale/budget project.

• The project serves a large community, especially if that community is historically undeserved.

• The project is aimed an informing, educating or entertaining the community or has a community involvement as part of its execution.

• A community project should always include how many people you hope to serve and a clear and concise outreach plan for reaching you intended audience. 'FB ads' or 'social media' alone is not an acceptable approach.

We give out up to twelve grants per year and generally $1,000 per month.

Proposals are due the last Wednesday of each month. We meet the 1st Wednesday of the month to review the applications and the recipient is announced shortly after. If you are a winner, please note we only can send grants via Paypal or Venmo.

While a lot of your projects are awesome, not all submissions are a good fit for the trustees. Many times we will reach out to discuss why a certain project was getting traction and we are always happy to help review your proposals before you submit to give feedback and suggestions. Contact us well before the deadline at oakland@awesomefoundation.org with your inquiries.

Also consider applying to the SF and SJ chapter if we do not fund you, as they might fund an idea that isn't a fit for us, conceptually or geographically.

Thank you for your awesome passion!

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