2 Hot 4 Hoodies Binder Giveaway

2hot4hoodies is an organization that my partner and I created from scratch. We raise money in any way we can to fund our mission, which is to give chest binders to those transmasculine and non-binary people in need. Chest binders alleviate chest dysphoria for transmasculine people by concealing parts of the body that conflict with the user's sense of self.

Our organization is needs-based. We always prioritize people who are BIPOC and lack financial access to binders. We also donate proceeds to local queer and racial justice organizations.

So far, we have reached over 70 people, sending a combination of new and used chest binders to a large portion of those who have applied. We've done national and international deliveries. We have also put in about 10 hours of work in each week (unpaid) for the last year.

Despite designing and selling products, as well as using our own time and doing an enormous amount of volunteer labor, we have only just broken even financially (we've been carefully balancing our budget) and we are feeling spread very thin!

We seek to enhance our reach and have a bit of a boost in terms of resources so that our project can remain sustainable and serve the community as much as possible.

Funded by Oakland, CA (May 2021)