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We love funding projects that make Oahu more awesome

The Awesome Foundation is a global network of micro-giving chapters that give $1000 of their own money every month to awesome projects. We're the Oahu chapter - i
f you’ve got an idea for a project on the island of Oahu and you need some support to take your initiative to the next level, apply now!



Tips for a great application


We receive a lot of applications from passionate people and while there are no official rules, we generally do not fund salaries, travel, marketing, or applications where the budget doesn’t clearly explain what the money will be spent on.


For your best chance, make us say, “That’s awesome!” by having a detailed outline of your project, and have a clear, itemized budget.



Application process


We review applications at the end of every month and select a winner as a group. If you win, we will call and let you know. After, we will decide on a meeting spot, give you the grant money, take some photos, and announce your awesome project on our social media channels (see below).


If you haven't heard anything within a few months of applying, it's likely your project was not selected. Our chapter will consider applications from previous months, however, so there's no need to apply again unless your idea has changed or if you want to add a more detailed breakdown of the budget.



How to join Awesome Foundation Oahu


We’d love to hear from you - send us a quick email introducing yourself and we’ll be in touch when a spot opens.



Follow us


Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the grant recipients and their awesome projects!

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