Bringing "Most Good, Least Harm" to Honolulu!

We have worked very hard on this over the past 10 months, and are proud that the first Hawai’i Humane Education Week, March 11-15, 2014, is becoming a reality!

We have already sought and obtained funding for the Tu-Fri itinerary shown below:

Tues, 3/11/14:
–2 Student Lectures at Kaimuki High School: Become a Solutionary
–Public Lecture at Vegetarian Society of Hawaii: Doing the Most Good and Least Harm when You Eat

Wed, 3/12:
–2 Student Lectures at ‘Iolani School: Become a Solutionary
–‘Iolani&Kaimuki Teacher Training Workshop: The World Becomes What You Teach: Educating for a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future

Thurs, 3/13:
–Kaimuki & ‘Iolani Schools, Evening Lecture for Parents: Doing the Most Good and the Least Harm

Friday, 3/14:
–Public Lecture at UH Manoa, through the Dai Ho Chun Distinguished Lecture Series: How to be a Solutionary

Each of these events is free for the audience, and the Tuesday and Friday evening lectures are open to the public.

On Sat, 3/15/14, Ms Weil will offer IHE’s transformative 8-hour Most Good Workshop for the Honolulu community. Participants will “examine what’s most important to you, combine your passions with your talents, and connect with others who share your commitment to live according to their deepest values to create a just, compassionate world for all” (IHE website).

We need help to fund this community workshop. We’ve reserved and paid for a lecture hall and classrooms at UH Manoa for the workshop and its breakout sessions. IHE’s cost for the workshop is $2500, with a maximum of 50 participants. If we charged 50 participants $50 each, we could raise the $2500 fee.

We request $1000, to help make this workshop more affordable for the community. We would like to offer 10 partial scholarships for students; they’d pay $25 for the workshop. The general public’s cost would be $40. With 40 participants @ $40 ($1600) and 10 participants @ $25 ($250) we would raise $1850 from registration fees.

Подкрепен от Oahu, HI (March 2014)