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COVID-19 and AwesomeSA

All upcoming Pitch Parties will be livestreamed on Facebook. In order to maintain our chapter and support our community, we will only be accepting applications focused on organizations who need extra funding to provide community support during this time.
This includes organizations that are currently providing supplies to the community or partnering with other groups to create supplies.
For questions please email us contact@awesomesa.org.

Thank you and stay awesome! - AwesomeSA

Important Dates

6/4 | May Application Deadline
6/11 | Pitch Party (live stream)
6/30 | June Application Deadline
7/7 | July Pitch Party (live stream)

- - - - The San Antonio, TX chapter of The Awesome Foundation was formed in May 2012. Our mission is to promote awe, wonder, and inspiration in the San Antonio community by awarding $1,000 grants every month. We accept applications on a rolling basis, select finalists and invite them to our monthly pitch parties to present their projects for a chance to win our grant.


A Pitch Party is when our finalists, based on the pool of applications, come to pitch their awesome ideas or projects to an audience and our trustees. Our trustees then do a brief Q&A with the finalists for any additional information that can help with the decision process. Next, our trustees discuss and choose up to the winner(s) of our no-strings-attached $1,000 grant.


The Awesome Foundation forwards the interest of awesome $1,000 at a time. But what does this mean? We’re looking for ideas or projects that stand out from the crowd, that provoke awe, wonder and inspiration within the community and bring it together. Check out our past winners above for examples.

Have Questions?

You can always email us at contact@awesomesa.org.

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