Urban Farmacy - Wellness Center


Gardopia Gardens has been blessed with the opportunity to grow on two vacant lots off N. New Braunfels (619 and 615). The vacant lots are the site of the highest crime rate in San Antonio, so we were approached by SAHA to help with crime prevention through environmental design (CPED). Since Gardopia does not own a physical location, this is the opportunity for us to be located in a high commerce area, creating visibility for us!!! As a wellness non-profit organization, we will fulfill our mission of promoting health and wellness through gardening! In addition to the raised beds you are accustomed to in a garden, we plan to have a 6-day a week juice bar and produce market! We don't need much to serve smoothies, juice, and tea all day, sell soil/mulch, and generate sales for garden installations. These three services/products are not currently offered on the near eastside of San Antonio, so we will have the chance to literally grow a healthier community, in turn growing wellness!

Подкрепен от San Antonio, TX (January 2016)