Dream Boxes for Homeless Kids

My name is Grace Furuta and I am 6 years old. I made my own plan after I heard about you on the radio (KHPR).

"My idea is to help the community by doing an art project. We want to pass around DREAM BOXES that have art supplies like glue, markers, crayons, scissors, cray-pas, colored pencils and paper to homeless kids. The purpose of my DREAM BOX idea is to make homeless kids happy so when they are lonely they can go to their DREAM BOX and find everything they want to do. My mom will drive me to homeless shelters on the weekend and if possible, I will bring an art teacher with me to share the importance of art."

Thank you for your time.
(Typed by Grace's mom, Lisa)

Homeless shelters:
Kaka’ako Next Step Shelter
Pai’olu Kaiaulu Shelter
Onelau’ena and Onemalu Shelters
(Open to other suggestions)

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