Sound Project

The goal of Sound Project is to create a Non-Profit Organization that strives to incorporate local youth into Hawaii’s thriving music industry. The project seeks to: 1. Involve students in the process of creating music on the professional level with guidance from established artists, producers, and experts in the field. 2. Educate students on the production and business aspects of the music industry through real life experience 3. Encourage artistic creativity and musical innovation in our islands youth through educational outreach, competitions, and hands on learning 4. Elevate musical aspirations and promote socially and culturally constructive uses of music 5. Connect reputable island artists, producers, and studios with up and coming musical talent to nurture and mold young musicians and pass along musical ingenuity to future generations.

The project idea was formulated between myself and several other well connected members of the local music scene. Using our existing connections, distribution networks, and access to studios we came up with a simple method to achieve the above goals of the project.

The basic concept is to hold bi annual or quarterly youtube competitions open to students k-12 around the state. Students submit a video as an individual artist or band and can be in the form of an acoustic performance, live performance, or a recorded track. Selected winners will be brought into the studio alongside experienced producers/musicians to create original songs that will be released on Sound Project Series albums for ITUNES & radio airplay as well as an opportunity to open at a concert event. The online competitions encourage students to not only continually practice and enhance their sound throughout the year but also allow them the time and comfort to produce quality music while even giving them exposure in an medium with massive viewership potential.

Подкрепен от Oahu, HI (September 2012)