Kawananakoa MS Additional Seating Project

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that Andrew Chun is our June grant winner!! Andrew Chun is a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and he is working on his Eagle Scout Project. How awesome is that! Andrew attended Kawananakoa Middle School and wanted the opportunity to give back to his community and school through his project.

At Kawananakoa Middle School, which is in the Liliha neighborhood just above downtown Honolulu, 53% of students are under the poverty level and qualify for Federal breakfast and lunch assistance. According to Andrew, school lunch and breakfast are the most important meals; however, the cafeteria cannot accommodate all the students even though the school has instituted 2 lunch periods. Additionally, many of their parents start work early and end late, leaving their children at school as early as 6 Am and picking them up as late as 6 PM. For Andrew’s project, he plans to build the forms and pour a new concrete pad and fabricate 4 sets of concrete tables to be placed alongside the Kawananakoa Cafeteria. The goal is to provide seating and a place to work and eat before school, after school and during school. The project will positively impact the nearly 1,000 students at Kawananakoa Middle School. As a former student of the school, Andrew can affirm that the crowding in the cafeteria is very uncomfortable; despite Kawananakoa's best efforts, there are simply too many students. He hopes to make a significant impact on this with his project. The project has already been approved by the Principal, the School's Parent Teacher Student Association, as well as the Department of Education and Facilities Managers.

Andrew has already poured two tables and 9 benches, but he still needed funds to pour the slab. That is where the Awesome Foundation Oahu stepped in! Congratulations Andrew Chun!!!!!!

Подкрепен от Oahu, HI (June 2012)