Hawaii is dependent on food grown elsewhere and shipped to the middle
of the Pacific. Less than 2 weeks of food inventory is on hand. Delivery
stoppage, delays and costs increases would have a tremendous negative
impact. Permablitz Hawaii allows people to create perennial food gardens at
their homes with little money and no experience. Anyone is eligible simply
by helping install three other gardens. In one day, a large group of people will come and transform your land into a Permaculture foodscape. Since it’s
founding in the Fall of 2011, 39 Permablitz’s have been completed.

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As raindrops fall in to rivers and rivers into oceans we hope to naturally
inspire more and more people to work together as neighbors for the benefit
of all involved. PermaBlitz not only increases the island’s food security,
but also allows people to create new, reciprocal relationships with a diverse
group of “blitzers”. These symbiotic relationships increase everyone’s
resiliency when faced with adversity.

PermaBlitz started Oahu-wide and has grown to establish more local groups, like the Westside PermaBlitz in Waianae and 'Growing Together' on the North Shore. We aim to continue this trend to lots of neighborhoods and other islands. There are no restrictions limiting the growth to whoever wants to adopt the program.

Nothing is more peaceful than helping others grow healthy food. We love
striving to recreate what Hawaii once was, a community where neighbors
help neighbors grow their own food, trade, eat together, share recipes
and “talk story”.

By doing so people care about each other more deeply.
They are generally inspired to invite others to participate and share even
more, creating peas (peace!) on Earth!

Подкрепен от Oahu, HI (October 2012)