Trystyn's CoCo Bailey Service Dog

Trystyn is the only child at home, he loves his school, friends, teachers, family, people, and animals. At times he is home I know he feels alone and frustrated because he is not able to move around physically, communicate (express his feelings in words), and many more. He is in a 7 year old body but has a mind like a 1 year old child. Trystyn is very intuitive, loving, happy, funny, and most of all helps others with his feelings with empathy.

Trystyn loves being around other kids, people, and animals. Anytime we are around animals he loves and smiles and yells for joy. The love that he has is so unconditional for everything that me and his father decided to get him a companion and service dog that will alway be with him, protect him, love him, be his companion, and help him with some of his needs. We got Trystyn his first puppy name CoCo Bailey, she is a French bull dog and is very loving and connected with Trystyn. They were love at first sight when they first met. Trystyn is very attached to her but CoCo needs to be trained properly for Trystyn's needs. We would love to have her certified as a service dog for Trystyn and need help with the fundings for a dog trainer.

Подкрепен от Oahu, HI (February 2013)