ARTBOX Kaimuki

We want to bring more art to our town, Kaimuki, and we are doing that through our project ARTBOX Kaimuki. Our objective is to take ugly, gray traffic boxes, some even with graffiti, from bad to beautiful and from utilitarian to works of art by incorporating the artistic talent from our community. We will be offering this invitation to artists from local high schools, colleges and our artists at large.

We have identified 15 traffic boxes on Waialae Avenue and one on Harding Avenue that are in need of attention, and we anticipate this being done in two phases. The first phase will include seven traffic boxes on Waialae Avenue in addition to the one on Harding Avenue.

We have included pictures of a traffic box on Waialae Avenue with the original gray paint and graffiti and also a pictures from a painted boxes on the mainland as an example of what can be done. We will be focusing on eight Hawaiian themes including beach scenes, native flora, mountains, and ethnic diversity. We will be vetting the artists’ entries to ensure that their work is family friendly and meets our theme criteria.

We recently presented our project, ARTBOX Kaimuki, to the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts (MOCA) and received approval to go forward with our event. The ARTBOX Kaimuki project is not just an artistic endeavor; but a way to bring our community together as we beautify our environment. It is our hope that Awesome Foundation will agree that this is an awesome project!!

**Please note that we do not have a website for ARTBOX Kaimuki because this is a one time project but in order to be able to submit the application we needed to list one so we are using Kaimuki Neighborhood Board website.

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