Many Moons Events

I have been hosting cultural events emphasizing inclusive community and showcasing diverse talent in the Kingston region for 20 years. In the last two years, I started a collective under the name ‘Many Moons’ that has programmed over 50 events in Kingston and on Wolfe Island. Many Moons programming is informed by a mandate emphasizing the inclusion of women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC performers. With Many Moons, I strive to curate national talent alongside local performers. I often program touring bands and DJs mid-tour as the Kingston region presents a natural stop for artists travelling between major city centres for gigs. Kingston has so much potential to become even more of a cultural hub than it already is and it needs as many diverse artists, event organizers and patrons as it can find to help it get there. I want to see my home town continue to be the type of vibrant place I'm excited to live in. With that in mind, as of Dec 2023, I began renting a studio that can serve as a crucially needed small venue for Many Moons Events. By securing this space, I am creating the potential for Many Moons Events to expand on its programming within Kingston, where previously a lack of small to mid sized venues served as a significant barrier. I have already been in talks with other community organizers hoping to use this space to host their own events, talks, art exhibits and concerts as well. In addition to this, the venue can equally serve as a jam space for local musicians in desperate need of places to practice. Receiving community funding will go a long way in the sustainability of this project, keeping rental costs low or non-existent to third parties, allowing patrons to "PWYC" at all events, and allowing for all excess funds raised at events to go directly to the artists and performers involved.

This is a space that the public and local artists can presently access on a PWYC (Pay What You Can) basis, providing much needed practice space as well as a venue for performance.

Funded by Kingston (February 2024)