Community Veterinary Outreach

This project aims to provide veterinary and human health services in tandem to homeless individuals and their pets residing at the Integrated Care Hub in Kingston. Many homeless individuals have an amazingly strong bond with their animals and want to seek veterinary care, but can't afford the bill. The individuals themselves may also be in need of health and/or social services, but are not in the position to access these services. Collaboration between veterinarians and human health providers allows the needs of both to be met in a wholistic manner that builds trust and understanding between everyone involved. Both veterinarian and human health services would be provided at a pop-up clinic and the Integrated Care Hub and would provide basic animal check-ups, deworming, vaccines, and tick treatment. Human health could include service referral, access to smoking cessation resources, and flu/covid vaccines, Naloxone access, and more,

Funded by Kingston (January 2024)